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Makeup Trial

I get inquiries a lot, almost all of the Brides end up booking a trial, the only exception is usually when the client is coming from out of town to have a Cali wedding, so time is precious. The ones who forgo a trial usually wanna try a new look on their wedding day. Brides who are open to try a different look, I highly suggest booking a trial.


Whether this is for photos or for the ceremony, we work on a schedule to ensure everyone is ready on time. This is the main reason I strongly recommend trials, you can wear the makeup and hair style long enough to decide what changes need to be made on the wedding day. A lot of Brides do their trial when they are having their engagement photos taken, if not, ask your fiance to take you on a romantic date!

How to prep you hair and skin: Bride, Bridemaids, Mother of the bride, Mother of the groom

Come with no makeup, no mascara. A day old mascara can totally ruin the final look. I am very conscious about using the proper skin care products for each client keeping in mind they all have different needs. I always carry products in my kit for dry, combination and oily skin. Using the right products for your skin type will help your makeup stay on longer with out compromising the finished look.

BRIDAL PARTY: Bring inspiration images of what you have in mind for makeup and hair.